2015 AG Institute in Utah: Day 1

Roughly every ten year’s since 1954 the AMS and other organizations have sponsored a large meeting for algebraic geometers from all over the world. This year happens to be the ten years since the last one in Seattle, and it also happens that I am lucky enough to be in attendance for all three weeks!!!

The conference is being held on the campus of the University of Utah, and from what I’ve seen so far — that is what I could see in the taxi on the way to the dorms — Salt Lake City and the campus seem great. (See generic mountain shot below…)

That one bridge.

That one bridge.

As I said the conference is three weeks long with each week being denoted (roughly) to a different themes:

  • Week 1: Analytic Methods, Birational Geometry and Classification, Commutative Algebra and Computational Algebraic Geometry, Hodge Theory, Singularities and Characteristic p-Methods.
  • Week 2: Derived Algebraic Geometry, Derived Categories, Geometric Representation Theory, Gromov-Witten and Donaldson-Thomas Theories, Mirror Symmetry, Tropical Geometry.
  • Week 3: Algebraic Cycles, Cohomology Theories, p-adic Hodge Theory, Rational Points and Diophantine Problems, Topology of Algebraic Varieties.

The complete schedule can be found here. The days are broken into two sessions a morning session (9am – 11:30am MT) with plenary talks and an afternoon session for contributed talks. For those who were not able to make it the morning lectures will be live streamed here! While the afternoon lecture will be recorded and eventually posted.

Needless to say I am beyond excited for the next three weeks, and look forward to seeing some amazing talks by some of the worlds experts in algebraic geometry as well as get a chance to meet other geometers!!! As a treat for you — whoever happens to read this blog — I will be trying to blog at least weekly updates!! Stay tuned!

PS: This post is one day late. Yesterday (7/13) was the first day of the conference.


4 thoughts on “2015 AG Institute in Utah: Day 1

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