Life Updates – (The Decision)

So as I promised in the last post here is a quick rundown of all the exciting things that have happened in the last couple months!

  • The Wait is Over: I got offers from graduate schools! Without going into all of the details I received multiple exceptionally generous offers from a many amazing places. This made deciding on where I was going pretty difficult, although I feel I had an easier time of it than others, but I am so blessed to have been given all of these choices. Thanks to all those who have helped me through the last year; I wouldn’t be where I am without you.


  • The Decision: I decided where I am going to graduate school!! But being the closest thing I’ll probably ever get to my own The Decision, I am going to drag the suspense out as long as possible… (or just scroll to the bottom).


  • Final Finals: I took my last ever finals as an undergraduate. It turns out that one of my professors had decided to offer the final in-class before the scheduled day on the syllabus. Needless to say I missed this change, and so ended up not making the in-class final! (You’d think that by my senior year I would have figured this whole school thing out.) Luckily the professor was understanding and allowed me, and the other students who missed the change (I wasn’t the only one), to take the final on the originally scheduled day, and everything worked out. Also in the end I wrote, what I thought, was a pretty interesting essay on the role technology has played in the ascendancy of presidential power over congress. (Maybe I’ll write about this someday.)


  • Graduation: I graduated from the University of Michigan!  For me this marked to closing of an amazing four years full of great friends, great classes, and great experiences many of which I would have never imagined I’d have when I arrived on campus as a freshperson. That said graduation itself was a great time fill with FOUR different ceremonies over two days; one of which included spending fours hours in forty degree rain, ok that part was not to fun. Overall it was a nice way to end my time at Michigan, and start my next adventure at….


So without further ado: I have decide to talk my talents (whatever amount I have) to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI!

Also look at the new glasses!

Go Blue and Go Badgers!

As I mentioned above deciding where I was going to go wasn’t easy, but after visiting Madison for a couple of days I knew it was the right choice. The city itself seems amazing! It’s about twice the size of Ann Arbor, but in no way seems overwhelming and still manages to have some amazing natural scenery. The professors and grad students I had the chance to meet were all exceptionally nice and willing to be honest about what their experiences at the University of Wisconsin, which was very helpful when it came time to make a decision. (I will say it was incredibly helpful that Prof. Erman had been at U of M and so was able t0 comparing UW to the only university I really know UM. Thanks!) So for the next stage of my life I will be in Madison!

Finally, again I need to thank everyone who has helped me through he craziness that has been the last year. There are way too many people for me to thank everyone individually, and so to you all THANK YOU!