So its been a hectic last few months with grad school visits, finals, graduation… but more about that in a future post. Right now I wanted to mention that Xander and I are currently hosting the inaugural Michigan Math Undergrad Summer Seminar Lunch (MUSSL) — not the best acronym, but not the worst — which is a series of weekly mini courses given by,  hosted by, and aimed at undergrads. We are planning on having five series of talks over six weeks. Right now the schedule is:

Currently we are in the fourth week, and so far I think things have gone fairly well. Its been a great learning experience both in learning some cool math and in planning/hosting a series of talks. Maybe in the future I will write up some thoughts on this.

During the first two weeks we taped the lectures, and these are available at the links above. (Sorry in advance for the poor quality we are working on fixing that in the future.) In the near future we hope to also post lecture notes from these talks. Stay tuned here or here for future updates!


PS: On an unrelated cats are good at Jenga? Who knew?


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