Hi Everybody

It’s been a while since an introduction and so to get the monkey off of my back, here is my introduction.  My name is Solly Parenti.  Soon, I will be graduating U of M with a B.S. in Honors Mathematics, and I will be continuing my math studies at graduate school next year.

Like most of the rest of the Yellow Pigs, my interests lean are on the algebraic side.  Currently, I’m interested in Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory, but I still have a lot to learn and so these interests may change.  I’ll attempt to post some math stuff soon.

I’ll try to post mostly about math, but I don’t really know how this blogging thing works.  So if I get in a rut, I will probably post cat pictures.  I have one cat at home, her name is Lizzie and she is incredible.  I’ve got tons of pictures and I take more every chance I get, so I will not run out of material for that.  Here’s one of us taking a nap together:



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